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Is your business represented on Google My Business? Having a strong presence on this platform increases your chances of appearing in Google’s local searches, google maps, as well as general organic rankings. The best part? Claiming your listing on Google My Business is free! Once you’ve verified your business, you can include information about your company such as locations, contact information, business hours, and accepted payment methods.


Double check it!

Like all other aspects of search engine optimization, a Google My Business page requires some upkeep. Not only can you keep your own information updated and current, other users can actually use the ‘suggest an edit’ feature and make live changes to your business. This means that any user can change your store hours, your contact number, or your registered domain name, sometimes without any notification to you. It’s important to regularly log into your Google My Business dashboard to double-check your listing.


When you put a new post on your business’ Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, you should make a habit of also adding it to your Google My Business. This will give Google more new content to refer to when ranking your page, and will greatly help your search engine optimization. Frequent posts also add to the size of your Google My Business listing, which appears ‘above the fold’ of the first page of a Google search, alongside the search results. This gives your business more visibility, and you’ll see an increase in site traffic.

What kinds of posts should you put on your Google My Business listing?

  • Promote upcoming events, fundraisers, sales, and seminars
  • Create a link network to your other social media, such as blog posts and articles
  • Show off your latest products and services
  • Spread seasonal cheer around major holidays


If your business operates on appointments or consultations, you can streamline the process with your Google My Business listing. When implemented correctly, this tool can allow users to book appointments with your business without ever leaving the Google search engine results page.


Another great feature of a Google My Business listing is the messaging function. This allows you to link your listing a mobile phone number, letting you receive text messages from users. This can also be linked to a SMS account on a service such as Allo, letting you keep work messages separated from personal ones. While this service is just getting started, it makes sense to start implementing it now, so that you can grow with it.


Google My Business allows users to leave a short review of their experience with a company. Users can leave a rating out of five stars, and a short message. Positive or negative, these reviews play a big part in your business’ credibility, and affect your overall rating out of five. It’s important to be reachable, so remember to always respond to your reviews.

Questions & Answers

Like reviews, the Google My Business questions and answers page is an easy way for users to get answers to their simple questions. This is often used when a user wants to know if you provide a certain service, or if you work in a certain area. These simple questions can be answered by anyone, however, so it’s important that you have a strong online presence to make sure users are getting the best facts on your company.

With the vast majority of web searches occurring on Google, it makes sense for your business to cater towards the My Business platform. It affects your visibility, reputation, and organic rankings in web searches. If you need help managing Google My Business, or any other social media profiles, don’t hesitate to call the experts at Longevity Graphics. Our in-house team of marketing specialists will work with you to make sure you’re always putting your best foot forward.

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