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If you’ve ever been contacted by the Yelp Sales team, you know they can be… well, aggressive. They have been known to drive busy business owner’s crazy by calling weekly to inquire about advertising. Instead, why not just enlist the help of a marketing agency instead?

We are in regular communications with the sales team from Yelp and we would be happy to work with them, on your behalf. Contact us to schedule a Free 1-Hour consultation to learn more about our services and how we can help you.



Yelp is a platform that helps consumers search for local businesses based on positive customer reviews and ratings. In fact, did you know that millions of consumers use Yelp every day to make purchase decisions? On average, 142 million users to be more exact.

Have you ever performed a Google search and noticed a business’ Yelp profile appearing higher than the company’s website? This is because of Yelp’s sheer SEO power. By properly claiming and optimizing your Yelp business page, you will be able to boost your SEO efforts, provide consumers with the necessary information they need to contact you, and attract more business.



Another great way to ensure your business appears prominently in the Yelp platform is through the use of Yelp ads. This form of paid advertising will feature your business when people search for services similar to yours within the Yelp platform. According to Nielsen, 82% of Yelp users visit the platform with the intention to buy. 89% of those make a purchase within the same week.

An interesting statistic about Yelp is that over half of searches within the platform come from users on mobile devices. Yelp ads promote your business across desktop, the mobile website, and the mobile app. Yelp ads appear in a variety of places within the platform. This includes on relevant search results pages, and on competitor business pages.


Have you thought about your Yelp strategy? Beyond claiming and optimizing your Yelp business page, it really pays to think through a strategy for Yelp. We can do some triage work on existing reviews, but it really pays to have a clear plan for how you plan on getting new 5-star reviews. It is also beneficial to have a marketing professional review all your customer touch points to ensure they are handled in a way that would produce positive, organic reviews.

Our Yelp Marketing services include:

  • Set up and optimization of Yelp business page
  • Claim existing listing and optimize (if necessary)
  • Review Yelp activity including reviews and inbox messages
  • Respond to reviews

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