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If writing isn’t your specialty, Longevity Graphics can help. Our team of content writers will help identify key talking points about your brand, its products, and its people. They will then assist you in producing authentically-voiced content that will not only help website visitors understand your company, but provide your website with keywords that will help rank you higher on the search engine results pages in Google and Bing.

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When you enter a store location, you expect to be greeted warmly and personally. The same goes for a user entering your website. Many businesses think an austere, impersonal website indicates professionalism that attracts consumers, when in fact the opposite is true. Business is all about people, from management to investors, to your employees, and of course the customer. When a customer clicks on your webpage, they immediately trust it more if they can identify the people behind the brand. One way of removing the anonymity of your brand is with a regularly updated blog – this is a great way to dispel some of the formality of your website, while still being professional. Whereas a visit to a websites more traditional content can be an exercise in patience for a user, a blog is more like a conversation.



Whether it’s new services or products being offered, announcements on upcoming events or promotions, or simply an update on the company and its mission, there is always an engaging topic to be used to get closer to your customer base. It’s an important part of showing that your company is dynamic, something that isn’t always obvious from a look at an infrequently updated website. In fact, 47% of buyers viewed between three and five pieces of content before speaking to a sales representative. What this means for you is having enough content for consumers to engage with at all stages of the purchasing process, from the initial pitch, to closing a sale. A blog is a great way for users to get an idea of what your brand is all about.

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