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Onboarding with Longevity Graphics

When you get started with Longevity Graphics, we go through a process known as onboarding. This is a conversation between Longevity Graphics and you, letting us get to know you, your products and services, and understanding what you’re all about. The better we understand your company, the more accurately we can portray it online.

Depending on the services Longevity Graphics is providing to you, we might request access to existing social media channels, such as Facebook, Google MyBusiness, and LinkedIn. This will allow us to create a schedule for your posts to maximise engagement, keeping your content fresh for search engine optimization purposes.

Also known as organizational socialization, our onboarding process will also familiarize you with how we operate. We’ll walk you through our initial suggestions, and the plans we’ve made to get your company started on the path to online success.

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