Ryan Jaeger is the Newest Addition to Our Team

October 16, 2013 | Community Events Internet Marketing Internship Link Building SEO

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We are excited to announce that we have a new team member. Ryan Jaeger, a third year student at Simon Fraser University, is Longevity’s first data analyst. Ryan specializes in working with information and creating quality back links for clients. We sat down with Ryan and asked him a few questions about himself. Here is the interview:

B: Hi Ryan, how are you doing today?

R: Hi Ben, I’m doing great. I am having a lot of fun during my first day at work.

Fantastic! The first question I have on my sheet is: what degree are you currently working towards?

R: Right now I am studying environmental sciences at Simon Fraser University. I am pretty passionate about the environment, and I am planning on helping restore ecosystems as a career.

B: What draws you to working in marketing and with data?

R: I have always been a very organized and focused person. Something that I have found I can do better than most people is just put my head down and work on a task, sometimes for twelve hours at a time. It’s kind of strange but I like getting immersed in a task, even if it is something monotonous like entering data.

B: What is your favorite part of marketing?

R: I find back linking relaxing, and I do a lot of it. Having quality back links for a site is paramount for any page that hopes to rank in Google search results.

B: Describe your personality

R: I’m not really sure what to say *laughs – I guess you could consider me fairly outgoing. I’m pretty playful and am usually having fun with whatever I do.

B: What are your hobbies

R: I like to be outside; hiking in North Vancouver is something I really enjoy. I also love skiing and will go whenever I get the chance.

 B: Thanks a lot Ryan, I’ll let you get back to your work- Welcome to the team!