Pay-Per-Click/Google Adwords Landing Page Recommendations for Increased Conversion Optimization

February 25, 2012 | Conversion Optimization Google Adwords Internet Marketing Pay Per Click (PPC) Search Engine Marketing

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Pay-Per-Click/Google Adwords Landing Page Recommendations

When designing the landing pages for the pay-per-campaigns like Google Adwords or a Yahoo/Bing campaign it is good idea to start by designing 2 completely different designs (1 short page, 1 long page). You provide all of the most important information above the fold. (The fold is everything that is on screen without having to scroll.)

Important elements include:

Above the Fold:

  1. Heading – Repeat the Ad Copy Title and Search Query (Needs to be attention grabbing)
  2. Relatable Image (Unique to the target audience) or video
  3. Feature a incentive or offer (Fill out this form to download a brochure)
  4. Limit the amount of navigation (To prevent the PPC campaign from being penalized in quality score, Google likes the user to be able to navigate other aspects of the website; however, we want the user to do one thing, sign-up for a membership. Limiting the amount of navigation will prevent the user from losing focus on the page goal)
  5. Dominant Call-to-Action (Get Brochure Now)
  6. Credibility (Affiliation, association and accreditation logos.)
  7. Security Logo for the form or call-to-action button
  8. Key Benefits in list format 5-7 (Keep it simple)
  9. Client testimonials highlighting the benefits (include pictures to add credibility)

Below the Fold:

  1. Additional call-to-action buttons throughout the landing page
  2. Features
  3. Repeat benefits throughout the page
  4. As much information as the user needs to decide to contact you

Landing Page Testing

Once you have launched a pay-per-click campaign, it is a good idea to test certain aspects of the page to identify what your audience will respond best to in order to achieve the best conversion results. You can easily test different aspects of your landing page by implementing Google Website Optimizer. Here is what I recommend testing:

  1. Short Page vs Long Page
  2. Heading Content and Placement
  3. Main image size, content and placement
  4. Promotion
  5. Call-to-action placement, wording, size and color

Building websites and landing pages for conversion optimization is something that I love to do and have developed skills in for many years. If you are creating a landing page and would like a second opinion on what you have developed, I am always happy to give you my opinion, so send me an email. [email protected]