Welcome Karen – Longevity Graphics New Web Developer

April 11, 2014 | Our Team

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Karen, Website Developer

Karen Web Developer

One on One with Karen, Expert Developer and part time dodgeball Ninja

Karen is the newest addition to the Longevity Graphics team. She has a wealth of experience in web design and we are truly excited to have her with us.

Karen excels at online design and building websites in WordPress by day, while tearing it up in the local dodgeball league at night.

Below is a short interview I had with Karen this morning

Ben: Hi Karen, welcome to the team! What are you working on right now?

Karen: Hi Ben, thanks a lot! I’m just working on a mobile site for one of our clients. It’s coming along great.

Ben: That’s awesome, I was wondering if you could tell our readers about yourself? Could you start with your previous experience?

Karen: For sure, I’ve been doing web development for a long time. I’ve worked for agencies and done  freelance work as well.

My favorite job before coming here was working as the information and technology leader for the Coquitlam Dodgeball League. I actually still do a bit of work for the organization, I’m really passionate about the sport so it’s kind of fun to work on.

Ben: What you do at Longevity Graphics?

Karen: I’m the designated web designer for the company. If the company is contracted to build a website, chances are I’ll be working on it.

Ben: What are you best at within web design?

Karen: I am especially good at making WordPress sites. I’ve made dozens and dozens of them.

The best part about making websites is that you are given something with structure, so you know it will turn out well, but at the same time you have creative control to work around the base and be creative. I like making every website a little bit differently and that’s what keeps things interesting.

Ben: Tell us about your education

Karen: Well, I went to BCIT on and off for about six years in total. I kept going back to upgrade courses and learn the latest technical applications of web design.  It’s really important to me to be on top of all of the recent technological updates so that I can make sure that the quality of my work is top notch.

Ben: I heard you are pretty good at dodgeball, is this true?

Karen:I’m actually considered to be one of the fastest throwing females in both the Vancouver and the Coquitlam dodgeball leagues, you might even say I’m in the top 2-3% of female players.

Ben: Wow, could you tell us more?

Karen: Yeah, it’s pretty intense because it’s co-ed, so I play with a lot of guys as well.

I am one of the fastest throwing females in the Coquitlam dodgeball league. I play three nights a week in the A tier category- That’s the highest level.

Ben: That’s pretty amazing!

Thanks for doing this interview Karen, I’ll let you get back to that site!