How to Write a Google Review

January 28, 2014 | Other

Blog Post By Longevity Graphics

Some of our clients have been wondering how to write a Google review on a business page. Reviews have become increasingly important with Google’s new updates, and knowing how to leave a positive review on google for your friend could be the difference between them ranking on their places page, and being buried below their competition.

As many as five reviews can often put a company’s places page on the first page of Google- check out this article and practice your new skill on Longevity Graphics! (ha ha ha)

How to write a Google review:

Step 1. Search for the company on Google Maps. To do this:  -Search the company’s name on Google.

Select the “maps” tab from above the search box.

Other buttons on the tab include “Web”, “Images”, and potentially others depending on your configurations.  There is also a button in the same bar called “more”. If “maps” is not right next to “images”, click “more”, and it will be there.

Step 2. Once you have successfully searched for the company on “maps”, find the business in the results and click on it.

Step 3. A speech bubble will pop up over the business location on the map.

Next to the title of the business will be a button that says “more info”. Click this!

Step 4. Once you are on the “more info” page, there will be a button on the right hand side of the page below the map that says, “Write a review”. Click this!

Step 5.  Give the business a rating out of 5 stars on the pop up window that will fill the center of your browser, and then write your review.

Step 6. Click publish!

You can edit your review after by clicking the “edit your review” button.

This button will be exactly where the option of “write your review” previously was.  Let me know if you need any clarifications on this!

If you were wondering how to write a Google review, hopefully this tutorial has been of use to you. It is a full breakdown of how to write a Google review for beginners, but it is also an asset for experienced internet users as well.

Google reviews, along with social media, keyboarding, text wrapping, and other social media strategies, are an extremely important part of any campaign. Now go out there and be opinionated!