Fan Gated Facebook Pages

February 13, 2012 | Facebook Marketing

Blog Post By Longevity Graphics

You’ve probably been to a Facebook page where you’ve seen fan-gating (or ‘like-gating’) taking place. Fan gating directs non-fans to a specific tab on the page, usually featuring an image and some text to entice the visitor to ‘like’ the page in order to get more information or access to a promotion. Take a look at the page we built for 2nd Look Day Spa as an example.

It’s important to be clear about what the visitor will gain access to by clicking the like button. No incentive, no clicks. Arrows are also an essential element to draw focus to the like button.

Once the visitor has become a fan of the page, they are directed to another tab on the page, or a new page can load within the iframe. This is where you have the information or promotion that you promised on the before-like page. In this case, 2nd Look Day Spa is offering a printable coupon.


Although there are numerous apps that incorporate fan gating for your Facebook pages, most paid apps charge a monthly fee to use them, and the free apps will include a  ‘powered by…’ credit below your Facebook page. Your page – and by extension, your cause or business – will look more professional if you have a crafty web developer build your fan gated Facebook page for you.

Why fan gating is a good idea

Fan gating can quickly increase the amount of targeted fans of your Facebook page in a short time if you use the right incentive and proper design. Gaining fans from your target audience is a self-explanatory benefit – you want to reach out and engage with as many as possible. It’s silly to not take advantage of fan gating if you already plan on having a Facebook page. Contact us if you’d like to have some Facebook marketing done for you!