Facebook Timeline 101 – Why Your Business Must Show Transparency

May 24, 2012 | Facebook Marketing Social Media Marketing

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Transparency: operating in such a way that it is easy for others to see what actions are performed.

With the new Facebook Timeline layout, we now have the cability to show our business’s humble beginnings in a fun and clean visual way. One of the greatest ways to show the transparency of your company is to show where you came from, how your company began. The easiest way is through pictures. From when you founded the company, to your first major client, to the welcome of an office dog, these social media milestones will help you to open your companies world to your customer in a way never done before.

Depending on your business service excitement metre, you might need to create a tantalizing story online, where these new users/repeat customers are drawn to interact, engage or share with their Facebook friends. It doesn’t have to be something crazy or a genius creative, it’s simply about spending time creating social media content that shows your companies story.

It’s backwards thinking- to be proactive when it comes to marketing/advertising your product/service. Instead of attacking the consumer with advertising targeted to someone who you believe would need your service, (target market- reactive) you create a space online where your consumer can get to know you first (proactive). That is when people actually buy into your company story, especially when it’s a service, people buy into people. So show them your people- faces, employees and happy customers.


It also has to do with navigation, how you navigate on different social platforms. When you arrive on a website for a business, you want to find out the basics. What they offer, where they are located, when they are open and how much is it going to cost. Simple and plain, it’s called easy navigation and it ensures the visiting online user finds what they need as quickly as possible.


The flip-side is social media. What do people expect when they land on your Facebook page? A Facebook page has less pressure, it’s lighter, users  want the personality of the company to come out. They want to interact, share and be engaged. They want to feel good about the company that may provide them with a service.

I’ve seen email marketing companies (not sexy) , used car businesses (not exciting) and a variety of business who offer a common service, market themselves online with transparency- photos, videos and interesting promotions. Showing the behind-the -scenes of your company relaxes the potential customer, it shows them what they will be getting in to if they choose your service.

Consumer Thinking Bubble:

“I know who I’m going to talk to, I’ve seen pictures of their work, fun engaging photos of staff and I’m not worried about them, I’m actually looking forward to meeting them.”

*Side-note: If you are relating to this post from the business-owner perspective and are thinking, “How the heck do I do any of this?” It may not be your job to think outside of the box. You just have to be willing to utilize these engaging tactics from your in-house online marketing team or by using an outside company


Written by: Cristina Pagnucco, Social Media Specialist, Longevity Graphics

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