Christmas Hampers for the homeless in the Tri-Cities

November 26, 2011 | Community Other

Blog Post By Longevity Graphics

The Christmas season is fast approaching. Everyone is getting in gear and preparing for the holidays. However, Christmas is the time of year where we also have to think about families and individuals that cannot afford to have a memorable Christmas. We believe by taking time out of our busy schedules and giving back to our community that we can at least brighten up someones day.  Here at Longevity Graphics, we have sponsored a family through Share Society. Share Society is a non – profit organization that strives to help families and communities. They have many different programs for residents of the Tri Cities area that do not have the means to access help.

We are making a food hamper, providing clothes, baby diapers and formulas for a family of two. We hope with our help and contribution that it will bring their family closer together. Our goal is to make sure the family can experience a Christmas holiday that once seemed impossible.  Aside from helping families in need, we are also helping the homeless in the Tri – Cities area. The Tri – Cities center have very few shelters and food banks for the homeless. Compared to the downtown east side, the Tri Cities are lacking the help they need to assist the homeless. We are taking the initiative to help the homeless in the Tri Cities area by providing toques, gloves, underwear, socks, razors and personal hygiene products.

The Christmas holiday is defiantly going to be a memorable one, not just for us but for everyone that we took the time to help.  So, we encourage you to also take the time out of your busy schedule and give a helping hand. With just one simple gesture can impact a family or an individual’s life forever,  that can never be replaced.