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December 7, 2011 | Facebook Marketing Social Media Marketing Twitter Marketing

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Gaining Facebook Fans

If you build a Facebook Page, will fans come? This is the great hope for many businesses. However, fans do not magically appear from the Facebook mist.

Gaining Valuable Fans vs Fan Count

1.    Embed Widgets on Your Website
2.    Add to Your Email Signature
3.    Facebook Ads
4.    Run a contest
5.    Link to twitter
6.    Display at your store or business to encourage customers to checkin
7.    Add a link from your personal profile
8.    From time to time it’s okay to link your page from your personal profile with an @ symbol
9.    Make a compelling facebook welcome video
10.   Upload lots of pictures (make sure to tag these pictures)
11.   Load Videos and embed them on your page

Converting Fans into Customers (understanding your fanbase)

  • Why are they a fan?
  • What are they looking for?
  • What are they expecting?
  • Solve customers’ problems
  • Funnel traffic to your website
  • Contests and coupon codes

Getting More Twitter Followers

  • Follow your competitors followers
  • Follow other experts in your industry
  • Follow people with lots of followers (trend setters)
  • Mention your new followers
  • Share exclusive deals
  • Retweet like mad
  • Include a follow me icon on your website
  • include your twitter account details in your email signature


  • Setup multiple networks (facebook, twitter, linkedIn)
  • Team collaboration
  • Scheduled messages
  • Mobile apps
  • Custom analytics

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