Online Marketing and SEO: What to Look for in 2014

December 17, 2013 | Other

Blog Post By Longevity Graphics

The Landscape of SEO and Online Marketing in 2013

An introduction:

Right now online marketing is changing more rapidly than ever. Nearly one half of the human population now has the ability to “get online”, and the process in which individuals evaluate and consume information is developing with the changes. These differences in content consumption bring opportunities to those who stay vigilant and are aware of the new possibilities that come with evolution.


This blog will outline our projections for what where we believe trends are headed, and what this means for business owners who are interested in marketing their content. One must have a solid grasp of upcoming trends to create a content marketing strategy for their business. This article is going to outline four major trends that are going to take place in the online marketing industry this year.

1. The Internet is Only Becoming More Competitive.

Previously, regularly posting relevant, one of a kind content was a great standalone strategy. While this is still important, this kind of content marketing is not nearly sufficient. Giant media publishers like the Huffington Post churn out over 1,000 articles per day and keeping up with these content creating monsters simply isn’t a feasible business strategy. So, how do we solve this issue? Sites must devise what is called a content strategy. To develop this, you must understand what exactly your company does best, and the ways in which it offers the most value. You must find your niche, so to speak. For example, Longevity Graphics is a Vancouver SEO company, and we stay within the bubbly of online marketing when marketing our content. Specifically, SEO is the product that we sell, and that is why we often write about it.

2.Picking Your Battles

Why Focusing Your Marketing Efforts is Important

When running a content marketing campaign, the first thing to figure out, is what exactly are the goals of the website? Do you need more clicks, more retained visitors, or are you trying to convert buyers via a landing page? Having clear priorities is very important, because you need to understand what you are trying to accomplish.

Once you have clear goals, you can optimize your online strategy to meet them, and ultimately actualize your business. For instance, if the goal of the website is to have people buy a product, sign up for a service, or book a consultation, you must organize the site so that it encourages the user to convert and take the behavioral path which you are attempting to lead them down.

3.The importance of content integration

How to Plan Your SEO Strategies and Online Marketing in 2014

In recent years, content marketing became one of the most important things that companies can use to promote their products. However, it can be difficult to know how to integrate your strategies with other marketing programs. It’s important to have a good approach and a solid plan to integrate new tactics and strategies; setting a budget for your content marketing is often a good idea.

The benefits of integrating your content across multiple channels will be considerable in the long term. Everyone talks about integration, but only a few people really understand how it works. This is one of the reasons you need to have people that can communicate the message you want to send in a clear and concise manner. Researches have shown that most of the people use the Internet and new technology to visit online stores and find the best deals for the things they want to purchase. But, while people browse on the Internet, the majority of these people still prefer to go into a supermarket, retail store or a in person shop to buy things.

The interesting thing is that the study is referring to the newest generation, also known as “millennials”. The study reveals that people are still responding to “in-person” marketing, showing the true importance of content integration. While digital tactics are easier, require less effort, and can be done at lower costs, personal interaction is still considered the tool that people respond best.

Companies are losing revenue if they fail to connect with their costumers on a “personal” level. Using Social Media tools, visual tactics and in-person events all together is the best strategy for small and large companies, consumer or non-consumer retail stores, in the same time. Therefore, a good connection between online, mobile and “in-person” marketing is the best way, and the most effective strategy marketers need to focus their resources on.

4.New technologies provide new channels for marketing

How to Keep Up with Your Online Marketing and SEO in 2014

If we follow how technology has evolved over the years, we realize that one’s marketing strategy must change and improve according to the new trends. We can’t ignore the value and benefits that new technologies bring to marketing. Today, in 2013, more than half of our online devices are tablets and smartphones, meaning more and more people are using new technology to accomplish daily tasks of their lives like: shopping, learning, traveling, and basically everything.

Marketers need to keep up and adapt to the new technology. They must take advantage of innovation and produce apps, services and online features that will implement and promote their products. Many brands came up with innovative marketing ideas using new technologies.

For example, Nivea started a campaign that used both printed and mobile ads. What Nivea did was to include a solar-powered charger in a printed ad that would help people charge their cell phones and devices while they were enjoying their time on the beach. They filled a consumer need and simultaneously promoted their brand. The key to better marketing is innovation and what business owners need to understand that to remain competitive you need to adjust and focus your resources to new channels and explore new technologies.

In Conclusion

2014 is going to be an exciting new year for businesses, and innovation will bring about new changes in the way that marketing plans must be implemented. Hopefully this article will help you prepare for the coming year, and help your company be more competitive in the marketplace.