Do You Need Construction Website Design?

June 19, 2017 | Web Design

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Construction Website Design

If your business operates in the construction and trades industries, then you understand that your reputation counts for everything. Traditionally, word of mouth was the best and most direct pipeline to new business. However, these days, that pipeline is likely to come through cyberspace. That means a professional Construction Website Design is essential in order to attract new clients.

No industry has been immune to the technology era. But few industries have seen the huge discrepancy between leaders and laggards as in the construction and trades industry. In other words, many construction companies have been slow to invest in good construction website design.

Fortunately, these same companies, which have relied on word-of-mouth advertising for so long, can still convey that hard-earned reputation and reliability within an online environment, without a major investment.

What are Qualities of Good Construction Website Design?

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A Winning Portfolio

A picture, as they say, is worth a thousand words. In web design, the goal is to tell a compelling story in as few words as possible. You want to provide visitors with enough information to satisfy their curiosity without overwhelming them. A strong portfolio is a great way to showcase your past projects.

Videos for a Dynamic Presentation

A professionally produced video will help introduce your business and the competitive advantage of your services to each viewer who visits your website.

Powerful Testimonials

Talk is cheap. A section for testimonials or customer reviews will further solidify your credibility in the mind of a potential client. Your testimonials will not only communicate your expertise but also educate visitors on the value you provide to your clients.

A Proud Company History

It’s a great idea to include a detailed company history to highlight your reliability and credibility.

Clear Calls to Action

Your contact information should be clearly displayed throughout your website in the header, footer and on the Contact page. Include clear calls to action to motivate viewers to inquire.

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