Barriers That Prevent Customers from Writing A Review

October 27, 2017 | Bloggers SEO

Blog Post By Longevity Graphics

It’s frustrating, isn’t it? You’ve exceeded your customer’s expectations and they’re full of praise. So, then why won’t they write a review?

Happy customers are typically open to the idea of writing a review. On the other hand, unhappy customers are far more motivated to write a negative review. However, both of these customers are in the minority.

A majority of customers never leave reviews. There’s a variety of reasons why they choose not to, but it all comes down to a few common barriers. How do you get more customers to leave reviews? You must eliminate the barriers.

Some of the common barriers include:

  • Customers don’t remember what exactly you did
  • They find it too hard to write a review
  • They don’t know what to say

Customers don’t remember what you did

When you’ve done your job correctly, customers have a tendency to be happy, then forget. However, if you make a mistake or do you job incorrectly, customers never forget.

Humans are always on the lookout for problems. This stems back to an important survival mechanism that we have depended on since we were born. Research shows that we’re far more attuned to the negative events that take place in our lives than we are to the positive events.

How can you ensure your customers remember the great product or service you provided them? You must ask customers for their feedback immediately or shortly after they’ve purchased.

It’s too hard to write a review

Great! You have a customer who’s willing to write a positive review about their experience with your company. Now, you have to make the process straightforward and easy for them. If they’re unable to find the right profile and it’s too time-consuming, they’re going to give up. In order to address this issue, you must make the process ridiculously simple for them.

Here are some instructions you can provide them with:

  1. Write your review
  2. Copy the text
  3. Click on the URL provided
  4. Paste your review and select a rating
  5. Click submit

Customers don’t know what to say

The biggest barrier by far is that many customers simply don’t know what to say. Rather than struggling to write a review, they choose to do nothing.

We recommend guiding customers. Now, what does this mean? If you ask the right questions, you’ll provide your customers with the fuel they need to write an amazing review. Here are some example questions you can start with.

In the case of a new website design, we would ask:

  • How satisfied are you with the front-end design of your website?
  • How satisfied are you with the usability of your website?
  • Would you recommend Longevity Graphics?
  • Was our team knowledgeable and professional?
  • What would you rate us out of 10, based on overall performance?
  • Would you be willing to do a Google Review for us?

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