Strong Brand = Strong Social Media

March 23, 2012 | Facebook Marketing Google+ Other Social Media Marketing Twitter Marketing

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Maintaining your brand is important for every company. There are many social media platforms out there that give you the ability to connect with your target audience/customers. Your engagement is important to produce happy, stimulated, loyal and engaged customers.

When you begin to establish your social media presence, first thing first:

Community is important

  • Think about your community. Many big execs will always suggest keeping in touch with your community.
  • By knowing your community, you will know how to create an agenda that will be competitive and effective.
  • You can maintain your relationship with your customers by knowing what they want, what are the newest trends or what changes might be needed
  • Community is all about dialogue. Social media allows you to create dialogue through, sharing commenting, and discussing
  • A community needs authenticity. Social media users can notice inauthenticity. Create fun, meaningful conversations that will impact your customers

Second thing:


  • Most important thing is to have fun and mean what you write. Don’t write something because you have to, but because you want to
  • Do not write something that isn’t relevant in your industry
  • Post relevant links. Readers are curious and always looking for new knowledge.
  • Incorporate fun contests that encourages participation

Some Social Media Sites to get your hands on:

Google +

There are other options, such as, SEO which will help expose your company, but imagine having both SEO and a strong social media presence together. Your brand and company will increasingly experience

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