PPC | Pay-per-click

Pay Per Click (PPC) search engines will display your ads when potential customers search for your target keywords on the search engines. Primarily based on keyword bids and other relevancy factors, your ads will be displayed on top or on the side of organic search results. You are charged only when a visitor clicks on your ads. PPC is the biggest and most effective mediums of online marketing and provides:

  • Instant exposure to millions of potential customers
  • Ability to demographically and/or geographically target customers
  • Ability to effectively measure investments and returns.

Smart businesses have effectively adopted the online marketing strategy of combining SEO with PPC. In the long run, this approach guarantees sustained traffic from SEO and instant traffic from PPC campaigns.

per month
per month
per month
Campaign Setup 5 hours 10 hours 15 hours
Keyword Research
Research Competitive Landscapes
Set Bidding Strategies
Visitor Conversion Analysis
Develop Creatives to Drive Results
Campaign Optimization
Campaign Management 2 hours 5 hours 10 hours
CTR Management
Bid Management
A/B Split Testing
Campaign ROI Analysis
Conversion Tracking Analysis
Ad Content Development / Modification
New Ad Group Development
New Keyword Development
Impression Share Analysis
Website Optimizer Analysis
Landing Page Recommendations
Opportunity Exploration
Monthly Reporting
Monthly Budget $500 $1000 $2500
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