What is Remarketing?

July 20, 2017 | Search Engine Marketing

Blog Post By Longevity Graphics

Have you heard of the term low-hanging fruit? It’s one of those common business clichés that people use to describe activities that would yield fast, easy results. In sales, this may include up-selling your current clients. Does such an activity exist in the digital marketing realm? It sure does! It’s called remarketing.

When properly executed, it can deliver 10x greater returns on investment compared to ads served to cold audiences. So, how exactly does it all work?

“Remarketing lets you show ads to people who’ve visited your website. When people leave your website without buying anything, for example, remarketing helps you reconnect with them by showing relevant ads across their different devices.” – Google

If you’ve ever been browsing online and then noticed the product you were shopping for following you around on various platforms, then you’ve seen the effects of remarketing in action.

Benefits of Remarketing

Remarketing is a powerful online marketing technique as it allows you to stay connected with your target audience, even after they leave your website. By presenting your ads to visitors as they browse other parts of the web, you are gaining brand exposure, becoming more recognizable, and making people more likely to purchase.

The main benefits include:

  • Large-scale reach of Google
  • Access to people who are most likely to buy
  • Create marketing lists to achieve a specific goal

Understanding your Goals

There are three kinds of remarketing campaigns that you might want to run.

  1. Aimed at people who did not take a certain action on a page
  2. Targeting those who made it to the checkout process, but did not complete their purchase
  3. For people who have not seen a page that you would like them to view

So, what action do you want your potential customer to take when presented your campaign? It is important to understand what your end goal is prior to setting up your campaign.

Getting Started

Follow the instructions below to successfully set up your own campaign.

  1. Create a Google AdWords account
  2. Add Remarketing Tags to your website
  3. Create a Remarketing list
  4. Create or use an existing campaign type that is supported
  5. Select your audience

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