Telehealth, Telemedicine, Telerehab!

These are many of the new buzz words that you will hear and see being used online currently with the COVID-19 pandemic overwhelming the country and health industry. What exactly is the difference and how can small businesses start taking advantage of this healthcare technology to support their patients during this time?

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Telehealth Defined

Telehealth is the delivery of healthcare, wellness and educational services remotely using live, interactive video conferencing. This virtual care allows individuals to receive health services without leaving their homes.

Telemedicine refers to doctors specifically consulting with patients remotely.

Telerehabilitation (or e-rehabilitation) is the delivery of rehabilitation services remotely. Most types of services fall into two categories: clinical assessment and clinical therapy.

How You Can Take Advantage of Telehealth and TeleRehab?

Did you know that ICBC is funding telehealth? While the world hits pause in the wake of COVID-19, the recovery of your patients doesn’t have to. Offering remote telerehab services to your clients will not only support your clients’ in recovering from their injuries, it will also help you with cash flow.


Modern technology allows video conferencing tools to be HIPAA compliant. Want to learn more about the regulations for telehealth in your industry? Check out these resource links:

Getting Started Is Simple

  1. Choose your virtual care platform (simplepractice is HIPPA compliant)
  2. Update your website with a new Telehealth service landing page
  3. Add Online Booking capability so you don’t miss any bookings
  4. Send out an email to your existing client base
  5. Promote your new service on social media channels

We can help implement all of this for you if you need support.

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