Introducing Carolyn Dones!

September 27, 2011 | Internship Other

Blog Post By Longevity Graphics

Longevity graphics would like to introduce Carolyn Dones. She started on September 20th 2011 as the new Marketing Assistant. She goes to school at Simon Fraser University, and studies Communications with a minor in Publishing. She is currently in her last two semesters of Simon Fraser University before she sets off into a new journey to find her dream career.

Why did you choose Communications as your degree?

I was originally studying Kinesiology, hoping to become a Physiotherapist/Kinesiologist for children. However, my life turned a toll when I took my first Communications class. The professor was so intriguing and insightful. I didn’t think I would enjoy learning about how media and culture worked in our society. It definitely opened my eyes to what is going on in our society, and brought me to another level of thinking about our society, intellectually.

What do you hope to achieve with your degree?

With a communication degree it really allows you to do anything. I don’t have a concrete idea, but I would want to get into branding and advertising. Along the same lines, I would love to do marketing. Also, anything that relates to the art industry/scene would be ideal.

What is your favorite commercial?

My favorite commercial would have to be the Knorr’s Sidekicks commercial and their creation of Salty the salt shaker. I felt that the usage of a cute character to show the reduction of sodium within their products. It really appeals to a lot of older and younger viewers.

How do you feel about internet marketing?

Internet Marketing is very convenient in present time.  The web has vast amount information, therefore, vast amount of users. I think it’s a really smart idea to use internet marketing, because you have a whole bunch of different platforms from Facebook to Tumblr. People are really connected through the internet. It’s quite fascinating.

Describe your Personality.

Hard worker, dedicated, and easy going

Hobby or Hobbies

I am very interested in design, especially designing logos. I am also a hip hop dancer.